ZUI Days

Research & Design


ZUI Days is a countdown app which helps you count down the days which matter to you.
It is a great reminder for your parents' birthday, a countdown tool for your next holiday or even a calculator which tells how many days have pass since you met your best friend.


A lot of marketing research and competitors analysis have been made to know better about our competitors and potential users.

I downloaded more than 20 countdown apps on App Store to find out the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors through which I will know where is our opportunity.

In order to find out the days people are counting down, I also searched the keyword in Weibo and made a simple chart of the result.
This chart helped us in deciding what kind of content we should put in the category.

After using more than 20 countdown apps, I made a feature list:


After some quick sketches on the paper I started to make wireframes on Sketch.



A better way to manage your knowledge and share with others



When new tab page becomes the place to make draft

Design & Development

ZUI Days

Help countdown the days that matter to you